DAI Announces 2018 Film Contest Winner

Toshi Jamang of Denver Seminary Wins One-Week Filmmaking Assignment to Cameroon, Africa

The winner of DAI’s 2nd Annual University Student Filmmaking Contest will travel to Africa this June to document how the non-profit is working to bring a generational change in leadership to the region.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, Aprils 23, 2018 – DAI (Development Associates International) selected Toshi Jamang from Denver Seminary out of the numerous entries from colleges and universities across the United States, Russia and the Ukraine to win this year’s University Student Filmmaking Contest with his film "Charles Perry III". He will travel with DAI Marketing and Communications Director, Helen McAllister, and professional filmmaker Henry Ortlip to Cameroon, Africa in June to see DAI's work first-hand.

“DAI created the Student Filmmaking Contest to connect young filmmakers with real change that is happening around the world,” said DAI President and CEO Jane Overstreet. “Exposing our next generation of storytellers to the leadership challenges and victories in other cultures is a great opportunity for young people to evaluate not only the importance of good leadership but evaluate how they want to develop as leaders.”

The contest asks students to demonstrate their interviewing and filmmaking skills to bring an inspirational leadership story to life in three minutes or less. Three finalists were selected based on story, cinematography, sound and creativity, which led to a video interview before the winner was chosen.

"We were blown away by Toshi's cinematography skills and his humility. This combined with the fact that he is studying Leadership Development at Denver Seminary made him the perfect candidate this year," said DAI Marketing Director Helen McAllister.  "This doesn't mean that it was an easy choice. The other two finalists put a lot of heart into their projects and had great stories to tell. We were so grateful for their efforts we offered them each a video mentoring session with Henry to help them continue to grow in their filmmaking skills."

Toshi tells the story of a friend, musician and photographer who values simple living and focuses on loving others. Even though coming from a wealthy family, he lives a humble lifestyle and uses his talent and skills to elevate his understanding of God, himself, and others.


Film by Aisha Louis

Film by Sarah Yakubek & Emery Launius

Photography Assignment Awarded to Emery Launius of Austin, TX

After reviewing the credentials of the finalists, DAI's Marketing team decided to award a photography assignment to Emery Launius, who will be transferring to UT San Antonio this Fall.

"We were really impressed with some of Emery's photography and felt it would be advantageous to invite her to continue to hone her skills and provide us with some captivating images," said Helen McAllister.  As a result, we've decided to introduce a photo contest for 2019.

The 2017 winner was Ben Root, a student of film and media production at the University of Texas at Austin. Learn more about that trip at www.daintl.org/filmcontest.

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