Better Leaders = Better Ministry

The Difficult Boss

Catherine is an area program manager in Uganda for a large NGO. In her position, she had struggled delegating to those who work for her. Catherine had also thought her subordinates could not do the quality of work she wanted, which made relationships sometimes very difficult.

DAI Training

Catherine’s NGO partnered with DAI to help their staff in leadership development, and she began to pursue a Master’s of Arts in Organizational Leadership with DAI.

The Results

What happened as a result?   Catherine says, “I’ve changed and am not the Catherine I was before.” She delegates to others, values their input, and, in her words, “I have changed from using power to rule to using power to lead the team . . . I love every one on my team and there is a lot of joy at office because I learnt how to handle different people.”

Catherine, her NGO and all of her relationships will now benefit from more godly leadership. Thank you for being a part of this great work.

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