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Colorado Springs, Colorado,  February 1, 2016 - DAI (Development Associates International) today unveiled a newly refreshed brand to reintroduce the 20 year old global ministry. Jane Overstreet, President and CEO of DAI, said, “We are excited about our brand refresh. It was a balance between taking what makes us who we are and finding a way to modernize it.” DAI’s last brand refresh was in 2006.

Servant leadership has always been at the core of DAI’s programs. “It defines who we are as an organization, and the direction we are moving ahead.” To communicate the renewed focus DAI is introducing the tagline Committed to Servant Leadership.

The new logo equally reflects the organization’s transformation. “Our former logo did an excellent job of illustrating the foundation of our servant leadership principles,” said Overstreet. “Our new logo maintains those values, but with a fresh, innovative and more contemporary interpretation.”

The logo highlights the organization’s name while creatively using the “a” and “i” letters to illustrate the act of serving in a modern version of the red tapestry that is well-known among Christian leaders in the regions they work in.

DAI has grown from the vision of two distinguished professors to more than 70 staff who make a difference in the lives of over 20,000 key ministry leaders in 70+ nations around the world.  The organization will celebrate their 20th anniversary with an international staff meeting in the Middle East and a celebration November 4-5 at Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs, CO.

DAI is a leadership development organization, offering Christian leaders a variety of courses and degree programs, organizational consulting, and mentoring. The non-profit is committed to enhancing the integrity and effectiveness of Christian leaders with servant leadership as the core principle.

Learn more about DAI's history. 


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