Bringing Healing to Former Child Soldiers

Cavine, a DAI Servant Leader, lives and works in her home district of Northern Uganda, which was destroyed by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) creating large nuadult education programsmbers of traumatized internally displaced people. Many are children orphaned by the war. Some of them were kidnapped by the LRA who forced them to kill, rape and pillage local villages.

As a parent of a former child soldier, when your son finally returns home are you supposed to rejoice that he is not dead? Grieve that he has blood on his hands? Or tremble in fear that your 12-year-old little boy might kill again? As a neighbor of that same little boy who killed your own children? Can you forgive him? Can you love him as your own child like you once did? Cavine addresses these questions daily.

Bringing healing to so many children and families will take time. Yet Cavine joined the forces of Ugandans helping the victims of war become whole again. Cavine rehabilitates children through trauma counseling and peace-building between the community, orphans and former child soldiers. Cavine is transforming her community to reflect the love and joy of Jesus more than its painful past.

DAI comes alongside leaders like Cavine, to develop their effectiveness and integrity as leaders. Sometimes they need encouragement from a mentor. Or they need a whole new model of leadership. And other times they need customized consulting. In each way that DAI ministers to leaders around the world, DAI’s ultimate goal is to see strong servant leaders emerge who deeply impact their community and accurately reflect Kingdom values over cultural values. Cavine is one such servant leader.

We encourage you to join the movement, fellowship and ministry of DAI.

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