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indigenous youth leadership program

We are so proud of our MAOL graduates who are quickly and selflessly serving those impacted by the Nepal earthquake. They are listening to the needs of the people and coming up with creative solutions to meet those needs.

Yajak Tamang, a graduate of DAI’s MAOL program living in Siliguri, India, just returned from Nepal visiting and assessing needs in villages — like many Indian Nepalis drawn to help the people of his ancestral homeland.

After landing in the Kathmandu airport, Yajak drove four hours to Sindhupalchok District. Dotting the lush green rice patties along the drive are piles of wood and brick. Remnants of villages.

On this research trip, Yajak brought what he could in terms of relief supplies and volunteered where he could. He shares, “During my trip I bought big water tanks for two different areas where there believers are staying together (about 13 families each). I gave cash gifts to five families and helped two school children for their studies. And I joined a relief group and helped in distribution of food items.”

The main thing Yajak did was listen to their needs and pain. Yajak shares, “It’s not only houses that are broken. It’s their hearts and hope as well…I heard a child saying to his father, ‘Dad, are we dying?’” As hard as it is, Nepali believers are bringing hope and healing to such dark emotional places.

DAI’s Regional Director for South Asia says signs and evidences of the Kingdom bring her joy in the midst of responding to all this sorrow. Signs like “A young person cradling and singing to a child traumatized by the swaying earth, an aid worker weeping with a villager at his loss while helping reconstruct a rough shelter, a flower poking through the rubble, a mother sharing the last of their rice with a neighbour, young people playing games with the small children to renew laughter and relieve the tension.”

Will you join us in praising God that his Kingdom is on earth as it is in Heaven? And will you join us on supporting relief efforts in Nepal through a donation to DAI?

Yajak will be returning to Sindhupalchok District to help in the relief and rebuilding. Gifts to DAI will bring financial and material assistance to families in that district.


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