Building Servant Leaders

"Like Dwight Moody, I agree that there are many advantages to the delegation of responsibility in an organization like ours. I speak from bitter experience of ignorance at a time when I thought I was too great and too capable, more than anyone else. I thought that I alone could do the work. I almost worked myself to death. The end result: I was surrounded by people who could do almost nothing. They were complexed and ineffective. As I grew old and stayed longer as a leader, the organization began to decline. I could not do as much as I did before.Servant Leaders

Through the MAOL course I have come to great realization of the importance of team work. In our culture and from the Bible I have got inspiration from wise words:

"Many hands do light work."
"Division of labour"
"One hand cannot tie a bundle."
"Two are better than one."
"One will chase a thousand, but two will chase ten thousand."

As a leader, I am learning to raise up men who can share the mission with men, men and women who work in the right place according to their gifts and strengths. As I delegate responsibility, I am building servant leaders for the Body of Christ. As they take part in the work, they become effecient. They grow up and become capable of fulfilling their God-centered purpose on earth. The results, expected for the ministry can be easily achieved when all are encouraged to work as a team, well motivated and with satisfaction. Delegation permits people to be enabled and empowered as they apply what the leader teaches them. The leader's example can only be followed as others have an opportunity to get involved in the work. The more they share in the work, the more they "own" it.

- Salvator Budoromyi

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