Changing the Future of Cameroon by Teaching Youth to Lead

by Emeline Nde, Ministry Center Director Cameroon

Famously known as Africa in Miniature, Cameroon boasts of five different landscapes. Yet this stunning country has been in turmoil since 2013. The terrorist group Boko Haram in the northern regions and the secessionist movement in the two English-speaking regions have made most of the country unstable.

The future of any country lies with its youth, but Cameroon’s future is under assault because of the political, social and economic climate. Youth are gradually losing hope and the ability to change their circumstances, as a result of unemployment, corrupt practices, and systems that effectively strangle new initiatives. In recent years, school closures in unstable regions aggravated these situations and left youth idle and vulnerable to radicalization by Islamic militants, drug use and gang membership. These are just some of the reasons why the introduction of DAI’s newest workshop, Servant Leadership for Youth, is so critical for our nation.

"This course teaches youth the skills that enable them
to take ownership of their lives rather than let
circumstances determine who they are. They can now
harness their circumstances and abilities to achieve
their God-given purposes."

One participant, Shekinah Glory, is the daughter of missionaries Bertrand and Carline Wamba. This enterprising young lady testified that Servant Leadership for Youth empowered her with tools and equally envisioned her to enlarge her sphere of influence. Her story continues here.


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