Christian Leaders Have an Unprecedented Opportunity to Impact Myanmar

DAI Ministry Center Director, Go Chin Zam, explains why Myanmar leaders need your support

Myanmar held elections in 2015 and emerged from 50+ years of military rule. The isolationist policies and economic mismanagement of previous governments left the country with poor infrastructure, endemic corruption, underdeveloped human resources, and inadequate access to capital.

These challenges facing the nation are huge, but the freedom and opportunity to finally take on those challenges brings hope. The long isolation of the country resulted in limited training opportunities and leaders are now hungry to develop their leadership. One of the biggest needs is to provide a biblical perspective on culture and ethnicity, as ethnic division dominates the international media coverage of the country and permeates every area of life. For Myanmar to experience true transformation, the division and conflict among ethnic groups must be addressed, and Christian leaders are in a great position to help bring the healing and restorative powers of Jesus Christ.

The next greatest need is to help develop a culture of mentoring to enable the current senior leaders to raise up and develop the next generation. To this end, DAI offers mentoring courses throughout the country and is working to establish a mentoring network among Christian leaders in ministry and in business.

We are presented with the amazing opportunity for DAI to come alongside these leaders and encourage them to be exactly who God is asking them to be.


leaders served

DAI in Myanmar (Burma)

Population 55 Million

DAI has been working primarily in Yangon, Chin State and Kachin State, with partners in other areas of the country using DAI curriculum. We plan to offer workshops in additional states later this year.

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