Conflict Management Course Makes an Impact

Conflict ManagementI Led a Tribe to Turn Guns into Plows

Samuel Ngorok is a student in DAI’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Program in Uganda. He serves a warring nomadic tribe called the Karamojong who are uneducated warriors. Using the knowledge and tools he acquired during his Conflict Management course he led the tribe to peaceful disarmament and to a new life of sustainable farming. Samuel shared the comments below with us earlier this year.karamojong

“This course has deeply changed my life, the way I live, work, and lead others. Not only that but also my spiritual life has not been the same, it has been flamed …it was very wrong before but now I know that knowledge is to be shared and practiced with others. I have so much improved in the ministry because of working together with others. Now we have extended the ministry to unreached and hard to reach areas through church planting. Right now 5 new churches are operational and meet under trees due to lack of a church building.  I serve the nomadic Karamojong people. They are not Christian and live in a war-like community…a community that has the greatest number of uneducated people. They have changed their ways and they have returned guns back to the government. They have decided to do other activities like farming, business and taking children to school and now the whole region is very peaceful. Development is going well and this is all the result of good leadership, peace building in the area and involving others.”

Encourage a leader like Samuel with the gift of leadership training.

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