Courses Inspire MAOL Student to Take a New Approach to Leadership at Myanmar School

Sandar is the Centre Manager at Myanmar Vision Education Centre, where she fulfills her passion to mentor young teachers and provide a good education for the children of Myanmar.

The Servant Leadership course gave me all the things I needed to help me lead at this fast-growing centre. It has also given me the understanding of how to raise up other young leaders. I now know that my role is not just to lead, but to support them so they can realize their potential. I want them to understand how we can work together to make a bigger impact for the Kingdom of God,” says Sandar.

She has a special passion for underprivileged children and believes that by providing them with a good education they will be able to escape poverty and have a brighter future. As a result, the Centre offers scholarships to orphan children who otherwise would not be able to attend.

"It has been my prayer to be a blessing to our community and I am excited to see it is happening."

Sandar adds, "We currently have 65 preschoolers and 42 primary students, of which about 25% are Christian and 75% are Buddhist. However, their status and religion do not matter to us; our goal is to show our Christian love to whoever comes to our centre and to give them the best education we can.”

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