Helping to Overcome Cultural Misconceptions

Sherif grew up in a Christian home and participated in all the church youth activities. The church cultuvated and highlighted his vocal abilities since the age of 7. He shares, “People were impressed by this talent but I never understood the significance of such a talent, or the reason why I had a good voice. As I grew up I preformed in church because of the personal pleasure it gave me.  At a certain period of time I felt that because of this talent I was worth more than my fellow colleagues in the church and school.  I thought that God gives gifts and talents for preference, and only after studying the bible that I understood that God gives talents to be cultivated for serving His needs and purposes.”

In his 20’s Sherif started living a double-life; one that paralleled his pristine Christian one, but a life he would never want revealed to his parents or church. The passing of his brother-in-law and grandmother and his broken engagement all in the same year pushed him closer to his vices rather than closer to God.

One day, while spending time with friends, he suffered a brain aneurysm. The first hospital refused to take him because he was dying. The second hospital admitted him, but determined that he would not live through the night. His sister, now at the hospital, was sincerely praying to God on behalf of her brother. Sherif goes on the share, “I don’t know what she said but it worked…A true miracle happened that day, I survived with no complications. God used the rehabilitation period to clean me of everything. Today I am fortunate enough to be in the MAOL program.”

As I continue to pursue my current studies, I continuously see the invisible hand of God that has guided me away from death. I feel that God has given me the talent of singing so that I can use this talent in witnessing to God. I now see that this miracle is simply the seed that God has ploughed in the field of my life. I have to nurture in and cherish it so that it reaps the results that Jesus has cultivated….”

Through the MAOL, I now have a better knowledge of the bible and can explain to others what these cultural misconceptions are with regard to women and biblical verses. I hope that my voice will help me reach to the hearts of the stubborn-hearted ones and help them change from within and give Christ the chance to dwell in their hearts for there is nothing sweeter than a true relationship with Christ our savior.”

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