DAI Leadership and Management Courses

DAI Leadership and Management Courses


Whether in DAI’s multi-session workshops, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Program (MAOL) or our online learning (institute.daintl.org), we strive to develop leaders through education that combines biblical principles and knowledge along with practical application.

We have designed the courses below to teach a leadership style modeled after Jesus Christ, encouraging leaders to serve others from a place of spiritual connection and integrity.


Servant LeadershipDAI Leadership and Management Courses  – Provides a framework for a leadership approach that is Biblical and adheres to the standards of servant leadership as demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

Facilitating Learning   Prepares leaders to facilitate training in their own context so it results in changed hearts and practice consistent with an adult learning methodology.

Strategic Thinking  – Equips students with an understanding of the critical importance of good strategy to the long-term health of organizations and how biblical wisdom, and the use of our own gifts, can be used to this end.

Women and Men in Leadership  – Challenges the students’ beliefs about women and their role in leadership, and explores their personal beliefs about God’s original plan and purpose in creating man and woman.

Integrity and Finance  – Develops scriptural principles of integrity and financial stewardship that can be applied to personal and organizational contexts.

Spiritual Formation  – Designed for Christian leaders who have settled many of the basic issues of Christian discipleship, but who find themselves longing for increased depth and authenticity in their relationship with Christ.

Conflict Management and Resolution  – Analyzes the nature of conflict and how it develops, and explores the skills and group dynamics necessary to build common ground both in individual and group conflict situations.give a course to transform

Ethics for Living and Leadership  – Aims to develop the relevance, foundations and processes of ethical thought and action that need to be understood and practiced by Christian leaders of integrity and spiritual maturity.

Culture, Ethnicity and Diversity  – Helps the student to understand the dynamics of a multicultural environment, and offers ways to build understanding and cooperation across cultural or other boundaries.

Development and Social Change  – Provides a Biblical rationale for engagement in efforts to alleviate suffering and move towards transformation, by addressing issues such as poverty, injustice and God’s concern for a hurting world.

The Ministry of Mentoring  – Provides clarity around different mentoring relationships, and an opportunity to develop essential competencies and characteristics of an effective Christ-like mentor.

Partnerships  – Develops a comprehensive biblical perspective on partnerships and the strategic role they can play in helping organizations and ministries become more effective.

Fundraising for Ministry  – Provides new skills, and a practical approach for securing local funds for their ministry or organization.

Community Development, Justice and Social Change  – Looks at biblical principles on wealth, poverty, relief and development, and principles for effective social change.

Curriculum Design – Creating Effective Learning  – Students learn how to create their own curriculum by using the five elements identified as necessary in curriculum development.

What in the World is God Doing?  – Explores the truths and perspectives about immigration and helps students identify how their ministries/churches can respond.

Servant Leadership for Children  – Provides children ages 13+ with the biblical concept of servant leadership using age appropriate case studies, interactive activities and group discussions.

Introduction to Research Methodology  – Helps students get a clearer picture of other people’s thoughts and feelings about their ministry.


give a course to transform


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