DAI Friend Provides Great Insight in His Update

Dear Friends,

After my initial study and observation, this is my second updates regarding your possible next response for this crisis. This earthquake has claimed more than 9000 lives and 16,000 have injured and about 200,000 houses are fully destroyed and another 200,000 houses damaged and need to be rebuilt. This figure will increase as the rescue still continues and relief materials are being distributed to the affected people through government and private mechanism. Some remote villages are yet to receive these relief materials including some food, tent, medicine etc. We need to commend Nepalese Army, and Police force and civil servants and general public and international communities for this overwhelming response to help brothers and sisters in Nepal who have been greatly affected through this massive earthquake.

Out of 28 million population of Nepal, about 10 million have been affected fully or partially. But as a matter of fact, the whole nation has been affected in terms of traumatic DAI MAOL programexperiences and economic disaster. People have lost their families and homes and properties of their entire investment and saving. After the earthquake of April 27th until May 5th about one million+ people have left Kathmandu valley. As aftershocks continue, due to the rumors of another big earthquake, health hazard, and people have no place to live because many of the houses in Kathmandu valley have been either destroyed or damaged. Kathmandu streets still seem empty. Shops are still closed and no business is functioning in its full capacity. Tourism has been immensely affected. Many schools and colleges in 16 districts have been destroyed or damaged. These educational institutions are closed. We hope and pray that these will normalize soon. The country of Nepal has to be rebuilt and it has to be done immediately and wisely. Emotional responses are not enough for long term restoration and rebuilding. There has to be determination and commitment from all sectors for rebuilding Nepal. Yes, if we want we can.

The most affected rural communities need to be given special attention. Now, many people in rural and urban areas who have lost their place of stay are concerned about how they are going to face soon coming rainy season. Some of the people expressing that they are more worried for shelter than food relief they are getting. It shows the coming days are going to be more challenging to the survivors. Where are they going to stay? So the government has to immediately ask affected people to build their temporary shed with available materials and government can supply tin sheet and some money for this immediate need to respond to the pending rainy season. Though people may live in tents, living in tent is not a Nepali culture, people can live in tents when they are provided with ready to eat food every-day, but that is not the case here in Nepal. They have to cook their own food in firewood, they will have some animals to take care of. They have grains to keep. After building this temporary shed, then there has to be a long term rebuilding of houses with the help of the Nepal government, general public, INGOs and NGOs and international communities to concentrate on building of earthquake resistant friendly houses. Government can ask INGOs and NGOs to stop other programs and spend their money for this purpose for time being. International communities can do this work from public partnership. After this, the government also needs to make plans to demolish and rebuild other houses in other areas of Nepal with systematic plan. The people of Nepal are aware of the destructive nature of earthquake and they will be willing to put their money in new technology for safe houses to live and the government has to monitor this. Let us together make safe and prosperous Nepal.

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