Increasing Economic Hardships in Mexico Prompts Prayer Request

DAI Mexico Requests Prayer

The recent 20% increase in gasoline prices has fueled the flames of revolt, as deeply discontented Mexicans lash out against a culture of corruption, stagnant politics and a decade of unceasing violence. This combined with the weakened currency, which recently fell another 2.5%, has resulted in looting and riots.

Our DAI Mexico Ministry Center Director, Esau Aguilar, says “Thank you very much for including Mexico in your prayers. The conflict is provoking many things, but we also see that the hope of Christ always wins in the end.  The situation has only affected one workshop in Toluca, which we had to reschedule due to demonstrations and violence. We thank God it was possible for 13 people to complete the Servant Leadership course this past weekend.”

Servant Leadership course


Esau also shares this testimony from one of the pastors who participated, “The model DAI uses for the workshops has completely renewed his perspective on teaching. Since the first workshop was held last year, the format of the Sunday school was changed to be more interactive and attendance increased from 30 to 50.” “This whole testimony has been very motivating for me.  I give God the glory because He is showing us that DAI’s ministry is strengthening many Christian communities in Mexico,” says Esau.

We praise God for his protection, and how He continues to use DAI to accomplish His good works.

Our prayer requests for Mexico:

  • Pray for government leaders to be filled with integrity and courage to make good decisions for their people
  • Pray for security and justice for many suffering families
  • Pray that the church of Christ can be light and salt in Mexico
  • Pray that DAI workshops will be able to continue as scheduled

Thank you for praying!


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