DAI Training Considered Unique, Simple and Practical

It was a great privilege for me to go through the DAI leadership and refresher course. Initially, I didn’t know if I will be able to make it due to my very busy schedule. It was the singular effort of God’s servant, Rev. Raheem that eventually propelled me to participate. Today, I’m so glad and proud to be associated with DAI. I was exposed the more to:

Raheem Amos
Rev. Raheem Amos, DAI-Nigeria National Training Director

1. Good leadership traits and qualities
2. Collective responsibilities
3. Teamwork and its advantages
4. Training & development
5. Encouraging and appreciating subordinates
6. Motivating people to be effective and productive…and many more

DAI’s modus operandi of training and imparting knowledge is very unique, simple and practical. It is easy to grasp and practice irrespective of background and status. DAI materials are loaded with practical stories of organizations who were confronted with challenges and how those challenges were tackled. DAI’s positive impact on me and my ministry will go a long way and can not be over emphasized.

For me, it will always be a point of reference, especially the materials. I will always be glad to be a part of the DAI’s future programmes. Many thanks to DAI. God bless DAI.

– Senior Pastor, Ilorin, Nigeria

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