DAI Uganda Graduates 14 Influential Leaders


DAI MOAL Program

On October 21st, 14 leaders graduated with DAI’s Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership at a ceremony at Uganda Christian University. The graduating students included 2 Archdeacons in the Anglican Church of Uganda, a Bishop in the Pentecostal Church, several pastors, an official in the Uganda Revenue Department, someone very involved in politics and an American working with the Navigators, who chose to take the DAI program in preference to any number of alternatives which were available to him in the USA!

DAI UK’s John Rogers, who taught three of the twelve courses, commented:

When I first met this group in August 2013, I realized this was a very special group of people. They all engaged enthusiastically in the discussions and the standard of their assignments was outstanding. To have completed all their courses, as well as their Research Project, to be eligible for graduation at the first opportunity after the end of the course is quite unusual. These 14 leaders have done really well.”

Jane Frances Achaloi, one of the graduates, shared:developing leaders

“I work with Pentecostal Assemblies of God – Uganda – A church denomination. I head the development arm of the Church. My main role is to build the capacity of the pastors in our Churches to carry out Holistic Ministry. From the first module, Teaching and Learning for Impact, my teaching skills have been growing. Before I was shy and timid, today people see a servant leader teaching with confidence and leading with integrity.

The module Conflict Management and Resolution has greatly impacted me as well.  My working relationships have improved.  I had a conflict with my co-worker, which I had just decided to ignore, but I applied what I learned and we now have a very good relationship.  I also helped a colleague who was struggling how to handle a family issue and he is at peace with the family again. I have helped a few colleagues at work.  Understanding myself and knowing that conflict is inevitable has helped me develop a positive outlook towards conflict, not as a problem but with the knowledge that good can come out of a conflict. I have helped my co-workers to look at conflict positively, as a means that God uses to teach us something and also build our character. As a result of all this, one staff member, my bishop and a friend joined the MAOL program!”

Please do pray all of these graduates will be motivated to implement all they have learned during their three years and they will be leaders who demonstrate integrity and effectiveness.

Invest in leaders like Jane Frances and see the leadership of families, ministries and nations transformed.

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