Developing Capacity for Leadership

In the green hills not far from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, lies the Kira Farm Youth Development Project. Kira Farm provides practical training and education to at-risk youth via a working farm, guesthouse, carpentry and hair-dressing trade schools, all rolled into one. Overseeing the entire operation is Richard Kibuuka, a 2012 MAOL graduate.

DAI recently talked with Richard about his experience in the MAOL. He shared how the program made a direct impact on his leadership skills. “I have more belief in my leadership capacity than ever before,” he says.DAI MAOL program

“I believe the MAOL program built my capacity for leadership…in a growing international NGO…by using approaches that enable the people I lead to become the people God created them to be, and therefore be [more] effective in His vineyard.”

Richard spoke about the classes that were especially useful to his role, such as Conflict Management and Resolution. He explains, “We have many young people who come with issues and scars, and they transfer those scars to this environment.” What he learned about conflict management helped him compassionately and effectively serve the young people at Kira Farm. Meanwhile, other courses in the program enhanced Richard’s skills in strategic planning, teaching and mentoring.

Richard’s spiritual life deepened as well. The Spiritual Formation course “…was a year that transformed my life,” he said. “Previously, I used to think of spiritual formation as something that just happened,” but through the course, Richard learned that spiritual growth requires forethought and intentionality.

The MAOL equipped Richard to be a more effective and astute leader of Kira Farm’s many activities, enabling him to safeguard the Farm’s influence on future generations of Ugandan youth.

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