Noel, Pastor, India

Development & Social Change
Noel participating in his DAI MAOL class

After finishing the Development and Social Change course, Pastor Noel understood the importance for Christians to share the gospel in both word and deed. He surveyed his community and discovered that securing electricity for his village was the best tangible gift he could give.

“As a Pastor, I was challenged to do something for my village, called Dubling. The village is very remotely located from any neighboring town. For many years, our village made numerous requests to our state’s electricity board to provide us with electricity but our pleas fell on deaf ears. After coming back from the residency, I encouraged and mobilized Christian youth to get involved in the political parties and elections. Until now, our Christian society always stayed away from any political involvement. Our youths slowly became actively involved in the politics and brought the issue of electricity to the ruling political party’s knowledge.

development & social change
Valley surrounding the remote village of Dubling

“In no time, our plight was heard and finally for the first time in the history of my village WE HAVE ELECTRICITY! I would like to thank DAI and the MAOL for helping me to understand that we Christians can play such a vital role in helping the community.”


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