COVID-19 Relief in Central Asia

Nowhere are the world’s poor unaffected by the economic fallout of COVID-19. In the closed region of Central Asia, DAI has for many years been involved in the strategic equipping of local pastors and other leaders. Many of these are now facing acute hardship as borders close, daily wage-earning opportunities disappear and medicines grow more expensive and difficult to find.

One indigenous church planter and his wife are now finding it impossible to feed the children in their care (a couple of which are adopted). Another pastor and missionary can no longer afford the rising cost of diabetes medication for his seven-year old daughter.

In particular, many Yezidi Christians, already subsisting at the poverty level in mountain villages, have been cut off from wage-earning opportunities by lockdowns and travel bans. Facing dwindling rations, they are forced to sell the little property and possessions they have to keep food on the table.

For other households, the absence of one breadwinner or the presence of a disabled member increases their vulnerability, as supplies run dry and medicine becomes increasingly scarce.

For all these situations, local DAI leaders have mobilized to address these desperate material needs. Whether food or medicine, the needs of most families can be met by a $100-$150 monthly supplement.

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