COVID-19 Relief in Haiti

Thank you for giving to help DAI-Haiti provide urgent COVID-19 assistance to single moms and their kids.

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The Big Picture: As the coronavirus sweeps Haiti, it will mean a large number of deaths – many of which could be prevented. In response, DAI-Haiti has developed a plan to hand out hygiene kits to help very vulnerable families stay safe and cash to help them to obtain food. The cost per family is $88. The cost breakdown is $50 cash, $30 for the hygiene kit and $8 for assembly & delivery. The goal is to help 152 families.

The Details: DAI-Haiti already works in 7 departments (states), but we want to deliver this aid to 4 more departments as well (Ouest, Nippes, Nord-Est, and Artibonite). The Artibonite department is where some of the first confirmed cases of coronavirus were identified.
We are planning to assist 152 vulnerable families, most of whom are single mothers with children who belong to local churches. The assistance will include:
  • A hygiene kit (bucket, soap, sterile washcloth, bleach, alcohol)
  • Instructions on the kit’s use
  • $50 cash per family
The families to be assisted will meet one of these criteria:
  • Include someone over the age of 60
  • Include a disabled person
  • Include a pregnant or nursing mother
  • Include children under the age of 5
  • Be very vulnerable without access to other resources
The total cost of this project is $13,260. Any funds raised above this amount will go to support the work of DAI in Haiti during this crisis.

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