COVID-19 Relief in Africa

Although the number of coronavirus cases in Africa remains relatively low, the pandemic still poses a particular risk to the continent due to its underdeveloped healthcare system. In response to this threat, governments have imposed strict lockdowns and closures. Although necessary, these measures have put poor families supported by daily wage earners in an increasingly desperate situation.

In Uganda and Kenya, the daily income of transportation workers – operating bodabodas (motorcycle taxis) and tukutukus (open cabs) – has completely dried up. In regions of Zambia characterized by high HIV rates, female caregivers struggle to provide for orphans and HIV positive family members in their care. Pastors’ families are also vulnerable, left for weeks without tithe income after the temporary closure of churches. In South Africa and Nigeria, elderly, unemployed and disabled households are likewise facing dwindling food supplies. Similar problems are being addressed in Burkina Faso, Togo and Cameroon.

In these five countries, DAI-trained local leaders have made plans to bring critical relief to these vulnerable families in their neighborhoods, churches and local networks. This assistance includes basic food rations (maize, sugar, cooking oil, salt, beans and rice) and hygiene kits (soap, sanitizers and masks, where available), and ranges from $85 - $150 per household.

All gifts will be contributed toward a common Africa COVID fund and distributed according to the most pressing need. If you wish to give toward a particular country, please make a note in the “Special Instructions” box.


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