DAI Workshops Equipping Burmese Leaders

Karl Mueller, DAI Senior Consultant, and Burmese Leaders in Baltimore

Located in Southeast Asia, Myanmar (Burma) is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over 80% of Burmese people are Buddhist with only 5% Christian. For the past 50 years, Burma has been in the midst of a political and armed conflict, which has forced millions of Burmese to flee their homeland. About 120,000 of them are now living in the USA.

The Baltimore area is home to a large number of Burmese refugees. It is here that Dr. Khai has established Judson Bible College (JBC). JBC is committed to training Burmese pastors and ministry leaders not only to reach their fellow refugees with the Gospel in cities throughout the USA (places like Baltimore, Fort Wayne, Buffalo, Chicago, New York City), but also training them to go back to Myanmar as short and long-term missionaries.  Because of DAI’s close ties to the Christian community in Burma, the group invited DAI USA to provide multi-session workshops to help their leaders become more effective and serve with integrity.

leadership training

Dr. Khai has planted churches in six cities and has only been in the US for seven years. He is looking forward to the day when they will send their first missionaries back to Southeast Asia.

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