Filmmaking Tips from Henry Ortlip

A Few Basic Tips for Aspiring Filmmakers

  • KEEP THE CAMERA FROM SHAKING. Use a tripod or monopod for stable shots. If you shoot handheld, make sure your lens has image stabilization to help keep the footage stable.
  • LIGHT FROM BEHIND. When conducting interviews make sure the best source of light comes from behind the camera— even if that means setting the camera up in front of a bright window.
  • SHUTTER SPEED. Make sure your shutter speed is double the frame rate. So if you’re shooting at 24FPS then a 50 shutter speed will do. 30FPS then a 60 shutter speed an so on.
  • BEWARE OF OVER EXPOSURE. When filming make sure there are no parts of the image that get blown out white. Those details will be lost won’t be able to be color corrected in the editing process.
  • THE ANGLE OF THE INTERVIEW. When conducting an interview, make sure the camera is exactly eye level on the subject and the camera is not tilted down, or up which can be disorienting to the viewer.
  • YOU ARE THE COMPOSER. Though you may not be a musician, the song choice in your film is so critical. Music will set the emotional tone for your film. When the right music is paired with your story and visuals… well it’s a beautiful thing 🙂

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