DAI Newsletter CONNECT 20.2 letter from the president

Dear friends,

This CONNECT newsletter is particularly exciting for me because, I have grown to so love and respect the people I’ve met through DAI’s work in the French-speaking world. We’ve been working there since the first days of DAI, nearly 20 years ago. Friends brought to our attention how perfectly this region fits DAI’s core value of “reaching those with least access,” since they have very little access to the services and resources we provide.

Over time, we have expanded DAI’s work from just one or two countries. Today we work in 19 of the 29 French-speaking countries in the world. The latest addition is Haiti, which you’ll read about in this newsletter.

Of those 29 French-speaking nations, only 4 (France, Canada, Belgium and Switzerland) have a GDP greater than my small state of Colorado! Just one economic indicator of the needs in this region. You’ll hear more about those needs in the article by Kelly Kumbu, DAI’s Regional Director.

Thank you for joining us in caring about this vast, but often overlooked, region of the world with so many challenges, and yet so much potential. And thank you for helping to resource us, so we can resource leaders with the training, mentoring and consulting they request!

Jane Overstreet

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We train 6,400 servant leaders every year and will grow that to 10,000 by 2020.

Christians in French-speaking nations continually request DAI’s high-quality leadership and spiritual formation training offered in their heart language. We train thousands of Francophone leaders from various backgrounds, denominations, occupations, and even ages to lead like Jesus and develop their under-resourced countries into thriving communities.


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Will you help DAI train 10,000 leaders in French by 2020?

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