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DAI was in Guwahati, India in  early 2015 to facilitate a Women in Ministry and Leadership course for the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership students, through Martin Luther Bible College. During our visit we met Chaya, a Project Coordinator for the Priscilla Center (PC). 
Chaya in MAOL India Cohort

When Chaya was in her 20s she was a teacher in primary school, but felt it was not her calling. She prayed the Lord would direct her path and use her to accomplish His plan. In 2009 she heard about a vacancy at the Priscilla Center and was selected for the job in 2010. As the Project Coordinator, Chaya supervises the monitoring and evaluation, counseling and ministry for widows and provides life skills training.

“I am really thankful to God I am at the Priscilla Center. I think more than me giving to the PC, the PC has given me a lot. I never thought I would be working with school drop outs, commercial sex workers, poor marginalized women and oppressed women forced out of society. While working at the Priscilla Center I have undergone so many life changes. After five years I understand these women because I have gone through some of the similar situations they have gone through. I was engaged last year and my fiancé passed in April last year. Now, I can imagine the situation a widow goes through. It’s like God is teaching me what to say to them and how to really be with them."

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Chaya Realizes She is a Leader Through MAOL Program

leadership potential

When Chaya first started the MAOL program she never thought of herself as a leader. The Director of the Center became her mentor and encouraged her to go through the DAI training. Chaya says it was through this training she discovered she is a leader. She now feels equipped to be more effective in her current position and a more effective board member for another local organization.

leadership potentialThe Priscilla Center has been radically changing women’s lives in remote Northeast India since 1997. The ministry collaborates with churches and communities to create holistic training centers for impoverished women. About 120 women this year will receive one year of free, holistic vocational training (stitching and embroidery initially) at the centers. In addition to the skills training, the participants receive Bible instruction, counseling, and other personal development tasks during their year. They also must participate in a savings program, so that by the time they graduate they can purchase their own sewing machines.

DAI and the Priscilla Center have a long-standing relationship. The founder of Priscilla Center enlisted DAI to train the leaders of their program offices after expanding to six centers, of which there are now seventeen. Since then DAI training has been integral to the development of their leaders. The current Director of the Priscilla Center is a graduate of the DAI Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program.

Please support leaders like Chaya with the gift of leadership training. 

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