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Help the Poorest of the Poor Survive COVID-19

Most of the poor in the majority world live day-to-day. So when a pandemic response shuts down the local economy, these people must go hungry that very day. For them, attempts to curb the spread of coronavirus may be more life-threatening than the disease itself.

DAI has trained tens of thousands of leaders around the world and many of them are now working to help the most vulnerable survive this crisis. If you would like to help those who have few, if any, resources, click on the links below to learn more and make a donation.

Select a Giving Opportunity Below


Africa - Supply vulnerable households in Kenya, South Africa, Togo, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Uganda, Nigeria and Zambia with emergency food rations and hygiene kits. Give here

Central Asia - Supply local church leaders and fledgling Christian communities with emergency supplemental income for medicine and food. Give here

Haiti - Provide hygiene kits and money for food to people at risk from both the coronavirus and starvation. $88 provides assistance for one family. Give here

Myanmar - Provide critical assistance to rural pastors who have no money to buy food. $75 feeds a family of four for a month. Give here

Pakistan - Provide food for day laborers who cannot work due to COVID-19 restrictions. Team up with our academic partner, ZBS, to distribute survival packets to 500 families at a cost of $70 per family. Give here

South Asia - Support urgent relief work for the desperately poor and most vulnerable communities in South Asia including: food distribution for the migrant and daily wage workers, aid for children’s homes and medical supplies. Give here

Sri Lanka - Provide relief for rural pastors who have lost their incomes and have no way to buy food. $60 feeds a family of four for a month. Give here

Greatest Need - Give to DAI's COVID relief efforts and allow us to direct the money to the area of greatest need. Give here


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