DAI Non-Formal Impact Study

Third-Party Study Shows That Workshops Work

What We Wanted to Know

What impact does the Servant Leadership course have on the participants?

Who Participated

DAI partnered with Concentric Development, Inc. to evaluate the effectiveness of DAI's Non-Formal Program.

Researchers compiled information from 250 Servant Leadership workshop participants from Togo, Uganda and India, using interviews, focus groups, story collection and online surveys.

Participants from India took the course more than five years ago while participants from Uganda and Togo took the course within the last five years.

The Result

“From Servant Leadership course participants, as well as those who have observed their lives, there is extensive evidence to conclude that within DAI’s Non-Formal program, the course has had extraordinary impact in the lives and communities of those who have taken the course.”

Excerpt from Concentric Development, Inc. final report


Increased self-awareness of the participant’s leadership style and the styles of others; adopted servant-like qualities

Changed participant’s cultural definitions of leadership in ministry, work and home

Improved spousal and family relationships

Enabled learning that led to transformation, as a result of DAI’s multiple methodologies of interaction, participation, case studies, games, etc.

Successfully facilitated the training of other leaders

Increased commitment to Bible-centeredness

Significant Changes Participants Experienced

41% Greater Humility & Self Control

“When he started supervising me he was so arrogant. After the course there was clear evidence of humility.”  Ismael - speaking of supervisor, Uganda

“Since he took the course he is no longer imposing. He has become a listener and is no longer authoritative.”  Florent - speaking of manager, Togo

31% Better Able to Delegate & Work with a Team

“I learned how to delegate and give an opportunity to other people to be able to serve according to the strength they have.”  Bella, Uganda

“One thing I learned, and want to implement immediately, is to delegate responsibility to my teachers and make them feel trusted.”  Tracy, India


29% Better Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation

“I took courage after the course and I stood with boldness; called all my siblings and parents to a meeting to bring reconciliation where we all reached consensus and now we are together as one loving family and they love and value me as a good leader.”   Chris, Uganda


27% Increased Respect & Passion for Others

“I have never appreciated my wife as I do now.”  Sem, India

“The course opened our eyes to be more inclusive of others and now our doors are open to the community.”  Sylvia, Uganda

Serve Poor and Neglected

26% Greater Understanding of Self

“Understanding my own personality and temperament has allowed me to work better with others.” Andrew, Uganda

“Knowing my personality, the flaws that come with it and adjusting accordingly has been the most significant change in my life.”  Miria, Uganda

Servant leadership course Togo

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DAI Impact Study

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Annual Report

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