Jay, Orphanage Director, Nepal

prepared me for God's ministry
Jay and his wife, Sangita.

“I believe the courses that DAI offers in the MAOL really played a big role in preparing me for the ministry God is allowing me to be a part at this moment,” shares Jay who heard about DAI’s MAOL program in 2012. A former MAOL student introduced Jay to the degree program and shared that DAI’s biblically-based program is both beneficial and impactful. As a result, Jay and his wife Sangita enrolled in the program. In recent correspondence, Jay shared about his favorite courses so far.

Servant Leadership

“...really helped me to be a good leader, it especially has helped me to work with people of different temperaments. Before the Servant Leadership course, I wanted everyone in the team to be like me. But I learned how people in teams have different leadership styles and how we can work together in a team without trying to make everyone like me. We can work together to achieve the common goal.”

Development and Social Change

prepared for God's ministry
Jay and Sangita with their MAOL Cohort

“...helped me to think broader. Especially after the big earthquake in Nepal, the Development and Social Change course prepared me to shine my light in the darkest hour. I am also thankful for the donation the DAI family provided me to reach out to families in Dhading with metal sheets for roofing during the monsoon season, when they needed roofs the most. DAI not only prepared me to reach those people in need but also provided resources to reach them and I am thankful to be a part of the DAI family.”

Godly Leaders to Tranform Nation

“We rejoice that DAI is working hard to raise up godly leaders who will transform our nation. We pray that God will use DAI to impact leaders from every corner of this country and the world.”


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