Tajammul, Engineer, Pakistan

Women & Men Leading TogetherIn a recent reflection, Tajammul, shared how God used the MAOL to shake up and heal his marriage, “I was leading a family life with conflicts with my wife every other month and we were not a happy couple at all. Sometimes we love each other so extremely that we think that there is no issue in our family life. Yet, the other day we had such a severe conflict that it had a drastic effect on our relationship.

“Our family life is totally changed since I started my MAOL course. I now have the habit of sharing about my whole day with my wife. Similarly, with the MAOL, I share the summary of things I learn from my daily lectures and then we discuss it with each other. That was the real turning point of our family life. We both are impressed by the biblical teachings.

“And then when I started the course Men & Women Leading Together it drastically impacted our family life. I was of the same view about women that our culture holds. Traditionally in our culture, women are designed to serve men, to provide hospitality and to keep the home. After attending the course, I came to know that we both should be in mutual submission to each other and we have equality and mutuality. This aspect has turned our family life upside down. We never had a single conflict since we understood this Biblical reality through this course.”


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