Life Changing Experience

“I consider what I am learning in the MA program is a life changing experience. I would like to express my gratitude for Mrs. Jane Overstreet and for all the team who developed the modules of the program especially the Leadership module and its main objective in making human strength productive. I was inspired during the residency with the info I receive and the way the leadership course was presented, I can remember the examples and visuals Mrs. Jane used to express the servant leadership not the big boss one and that we can grow beside each other and has the chance to be your own self. During the residency I decided to come back to my place and pass what I am learning to the junior team – I am working in an Egyptian NGO, the team members are of different back grounds but they really love the place and the work we do, I presented to them the idea and the story of KSM but in a way to meet the Egyptian context even the names and the type of organization, I didn’t present the biblical evidences but I was able to present the data in a practical way. I realized that applying what I learned and sharing it with my colleagues can make us productive and can make our organization grow beyond our thoughts.

During my meeting with the Junior team, I called it executive team meeting, as I intended to avoid the senior and junior description and discrimination and I decided to make this meeting powerful that this is the team that makes this organization moves forward, when we know ourselves and each one of us, we can collaborate together to push forward.

It was amazing that the team members discovered themselves and each other, they realized that things might be very irritating to some of them and not at all to others just because we are different, they were surprised to hear others’ feedback and how they relate to each other. I myself realized my style and my team style and how I need to be sensitive to make each one productive in his/her own way.

In another Christian group I was assigned to present 2 sessions on servant leadership and here I was happy to refer to our Master and how He is creative, loving and real servant leader. They were amazed with this new approach and they found it an eye opener. ” – Cherry

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