Making an Impact on Believers from Middle East

Over the past 43 years a conference for Arabic speaking pastors and ministry leaders from North America and the Middle East has been held in North Carolina. Both Christian and Muslim christian leadership conferencesbackground believers originating from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine and Egypt attend the event. One of DAI’s senior consultants was invited as a keynote speaker. After his address on the topic “Boundaries in Relationships” one of the attendees who heads up a significant ministry in the areas of relief and evangelism in the Middle East said:

“If the Lord sent you just for me it would be worth it.  What you said affects my relationship with my wife and children and also with those I work with. I so regret forcing my children to go to church. I am a loner, I don’t trust anyone, I don’t like anyone to mess up my work but I now see that I need change and learn to work with a team.  I need to include them in making decisions and not force things on them just because I’m the leader.”

The topics addressed at the conference had a significant impact on the audience generating enthusiastic discussion, both inside and outside of the conference room. One of the conference leaders said, “I wish the conference was longer so people could have heard more from you. Clearly these topics are needed by our community, we would like you to come back and we need to devote an entire conference to these issues.”

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