MAOL Course Inspires Student to Improve Team Dynamics

Dr. Satish Thomas, a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) student in Delhi, India, was in the U.S. for a medical conference and stopped by the DAI Colorado Springs office to shaDAI MOAL Programre how the MAOL program has impacted him.

Dr. Thomas, who already holds two Master’s degrees, found himself in strong leadership roles but did not feel equipped to lead. He chose DAI’s MAOL program for the Christ-like character development and leadership and management skills, in hopes of becoming a more effective leader.

“The program equips a person for what God is calling them to” Satish explained. Through specific skill sets offered within the program, he has been able to positively impact his team. Specifically, an assignment in the Servant Leadership course forced him to do a self-evaluation, which led to some new revelations. As part of the course, Dr. Thomas completed a Working Styles Assessment to help him better understand his personality type and work style preferences. He then used the same assessment with his department and found it to be a great team building tool, which helped them to better understand each other’s working styles. The result was a more cohesive, productive team. He hopes to continue to positively impact his coworkers and students by sharing what he’s learning.

Dr. Thomas shares that his leadership journey is a process but “God is redeeming”.

Dr. Satish Thomas, born and raised in Southern India, is a practicing Ophthalmologist, a professor for post and undergraduate students at Christian Medical College and the head of his department in the university. He is also a husband and a father of three children.

We are grateful to Dr. Thomas’ for his desire to bring Christ-like ethics to India’s medical community.

Encourage leaders like Satish with the gift of leadership training.

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