MAOL Graduate Found Program To Be Holistic, Practical, Relevant and Biblical

Aggrey Sowekyo, who recently completed his studies in the DAI Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) program in Uganda and works within the Ugandan government,  shared his thoughts on why the program was so tremendously useful to him:


  • I noticed that a major gap in leadership in my country has been character. MAOL Graduate Found ProgramThe MA program’s main focus is restoring godly character in leadership. Without the element of character in leadership, whatever is acquired remains head knowledge without lasting impact. This is why we have many skilled but corrupt leaders.
  • The MA program is well focused on the whole man; the spiritual, social, financial and academic aspects. This made it a holistic program. A focus on some aspects at the expense of others leaves an unbalanced leader. This holistic approach is critical if leaders are to live up to the challenges befalling many a leader and to stand the test of time. I have benefited holistically from the course as a leader.
  • The program is very practical and relevant to the day to day challenges people and organizations face. The immediate application of lessons learned in the ministry/organization of the student was a perfect way to apply principles learned and it was so exciting see results immediately. This is an excellent way to learn and practice concurrently. I was able to apply all these principles in the ministry I lead, and I have seen positive results in ministry.
  • It was pleasantly surprising to learn about the biblical perspective to all courses undertaken. In other words, all the modules had to be linked to what the Bible teaches. And with a biblical perspective to every course of study, the mind and counsel of God’s word is sought, understood and applied. This is important because as Christian leaders, we must at all times be guided by the word of God.

Please invest in bringing holistic, biblical leadership to leaders around the world to see communities and nations transformed.

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