MAOL Research Project Transforms Uganda Hospital

“I would like to thank Dr. Fraser & Christine Mutua for taking me through the research project. It was not easy but they mentored me. I am very grateful to DAI for the way it handles the MAOL program. It is not merely an academic enterprise but one of the most dynamic and customized leadership training programs of modern times.DAI MAOL program

I want to share my feedback after my research experience. My research topic focused on why there is a high turnover of health workers at KIDA hospital. I chose this subject because it posed a real problem in the organization. Findings revealed several factors including lack of a competitive remuneration, poor transport and lack of electricity in the rural based facility among others. My recommendations included actions that I thought were relevant enough to address these issues. At this point I recall an important component in the DAI approach to the research process- the role of prayer.  At first I thought it was only about seeking divine intervention to go through the course but I have discovered it is more than that.  I am learning that the Lord was not just interested in my completing the course, He was also interested in causing significant transformation in the hospital through that research.  I am pleased to report that some of the issues that were found to scare away the health workers are now being addressed. For example, the poor roads that made transport for the staff difficult are being improved by the government.  In addition, an electricity line is being extended to the hospital and the staff quarters. I have also started seeing signs of the possibility of a staff remuneration boost in the not far future. The staff morale is really high.

I am very happy that my seventy-one page research work is not just lying in the shelves of the UCU (Uganda Christian University) library. The Lord is following it up even after my graduation. Something tangible is being done to solve the problem. With this experience, I bear witness to the essence of DAI looking at research from the productive view point.” – Ezra, Uganda

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