MAOL Student Born Hindu and Now Principal and Chaplain of School

Birendra’s Story                                                                                

I was born into a Hindu family. My elder brother was the first in our family to accept Christ as his personal savior through one of his college friends. After accepting Christ, his MAOL India
life was changed which really impressed me. I used to ask him many questions every day about Christ and faith. His sweet answers produced more curiosity in my heart to know more about Christ. In 1995, when I was in 10th class, I started attending Sunday worship with my brother. When I met with the pastor and other church members I felt they were different from other people – a deep peace and joy everywhere in the church. It was a different world to me. I started attending church regularly and God started talking to me. I felt peace, joy and change in my life also.

In 1997 I gave my life to Christ and accepted him as my personal savior. In the beginning it was very difficult for me to understand how God can listen to my prayer without offering him any sacrifice or material thing, because in Hindu culture a devotee cannot go empty handed. He must carry something to offer to god or goddess. Slowly, by reading the Bible, listening to messages and overcoming my doubts, my brother led me to grow spiritually. He became my mentor and still he mentors me. I learnt prayer, Christian songs and I started sharing my happiness with my friends and relatives. Many listened carefully and many rejected.

God was real to me, I started visiting nearby villages with an Assistant Pastor inviting others to attend church. God performed many miracles through us and used us for his glory. After college I left my village and came to be with my brother. My brother earned a Bachelor’s in Theology and was working in a seminary as a Prayer Coordinator. He started a church for people with leprosy and I helped him. When I worked among those with leprosy God humbled me and I realized God’s calling in my life for full time ministry.

God opened the door in 2004 and sent me to a remote village to work in a school. God gave me the privilege to work in the capacity of Principal and Chaplain in the same school in 2009. God has helped us to start a children’s home for poor and needy children and also a child development program to support the needy children of the community. He also helped us to share the good news with the local people, and by God’s grace, at present we have eight small churches in nearby villages. All glory and honor belongs to Him only.

We at DAI consider it a great honor to come alongside leaders like Birendra, who is currently enrolled in DAI’s MAOL Program, to help provide the training and mentoring to be more effective in their leadership roles.

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