MAOL Student Coordinates Efforts for Nepal Christian Relief Services

MAOL Student Romi K.C. is a Program Coordinator for Nepal Christian Relief Services, whom DAI is supporting with funds. Here is her update:

Warm Greetings from Nepal Christian Relief Services!

Thank you very much for your continues prayer and partnership.

We are very pleased to send you the Progress Report of Earthquake Relief in Nepal on behalf of NCRS. The Relief Operation is going on. The requests regarding relief aid are still  being  received from different areas. We want to give priority to remote and marginalized disaster affected areas where government and other organizations have not reached yet.

Relief Effort and Achievement in Different Parts of the CountryDAI MAOL Student

  • We were able to support 2,490 household, a total number of 14,940 people by providing food and non-food items from Gorkha, Ramechhap, Bhaktapur and Dolakha district.
  • We were able to support 10 schools of Gorkha district by providing Zinc Sheet as of temporary shelter including some Churches.

Our Further Relief Initiatives

  • There are still about 3,000 household requests and the requests are coming continually from different districts for food and non-food supports
  • There are many churches that have been destroyed by earthquake and request for shelter support.
  • There are too many request for temporary shelters – We are approaching to our donor organizations for supporting in this need.


It has been our great privilege to support people in great need affected by the devastating earthquake through the provision of relief materials as well as sharing love of God. Beside these, we are receiving many requests who need such support to survive from their great loss. If we cannot help them in their critical situation then they may lose their lives due to depression, anxiety and poverty. Therefore, we need to expand our supporting capacity with adequate resources to support people suffered by different calamities and disaster as much as possible in days to come.

DAI MOAL ProgramAs we are entering in monsoon season, due to the earthquake many hilly areas have been weak , cracked and are at high risk of landslides. According to press, there have been floods in Taplejung district where 21 people are killed and more than 33 people have been missing. There might be more landslides and floods this year compared to previous years. So, we are in the process to prepare 100 sets of relief kits for such areas. There is a lot to do in these areas and with limited resources it is a challenge for us. Please do continue to pray for us so that we may able to broaden our resources and capacity to respond effectively and efficiently and in a timely manner.

Thank you!

Sincerely yours,


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