MAOL Student Supports the Growing Church

“Thank you for letting my wife and I complete the Ethics course. We have been using what we’ve learned in our lives and in the groups that we are involved in. A few months ago we went to a DAI MAOL Studentremote village, north-west of Pokhara. The young adults from 15 different churches gathered together in a small village for a conference. It took us two days to reach there – on a vehicle and a half a day trek. Some of the young adults walked 14 hours to get there. We went through the Creation-Fall-Redemption-Restoration process with practical implications. The Q&A session went for more than four hours!!!

The churches in Nepal are growing very rapidly yet suffer from a theological famine. God willing, I want to spend rest of my life filling this void. So, after much struggle I’ve left my job with the Christian humanitarian organization and have started to work with the church.

I am now responsible for designing the preaching and teaching material for five local churches. I lead a Bible study every Sunday morning with all the preachers to go through the text that will be preached that weekend. I preach once a month at the main campus and am also responsible to lead the Baptism preparation classes, which is held once a week for three months.
In order to do it well I want to understand the people of Ramghat Church well and build upon this understanding to feed the growing churches around us. I am reading Center Church by Tim Keller right now. I want to build my “Theological Vision,” what Keller calls the “Middleware”, which will be the focus for my research project. It is my prayer that the result will be a great help for me and the church here in Nepal. – Neeraj Gautam, Nepal

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