MAOL Student Works to Bring Change to South Sudan

Fredrick Matakidi shares about the difficulties young leaders face in a nation torn apart by war and poverty, and how the MAOL program has impacted him.

by Helen McAllister, DAI Director of Marketing and Communications

DAI MAOL Student

Fredrick, a third-year DAI Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership student, lives and works in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan. He is a Finance Manager for Christian Aid-South Sudan, an international organization that provides humanitarian and development interventions to those most in need.

Fredrick travels back and forth between Juba and Kampala, Uganda twice a year to attend the DAI MAOL residencies at Uganda Christian University. He explains that he chooses to travel the long distance because, “God has a plan, which I believe is to be part of the change in my country, and enrolling for the MAOL was a preparatory stage.”

DAI MOAL ProgramSouth Sudan experienced conflict again this past July as fighting spread throughout Juba. Over 300 people were killed and more than 40 people were injured, including civilians. Fredrick recounts, “My neighborhood was a battlefield for two days. I had to relocate to my brother’s house and spent most of the hours on the floor to avoid crossfire and shells, but God protected us.”

“My hope was alive throughout the conflict because I knew different people were in prayer for the situation, including two of my MAOL facilitators whom I had written to amidst the shelling. Sadly, the shooting, killing, looting and raping creates hopelessness in our country, the youth not excluded. As a result, young people in positions of responsibility try to put aside the aspect of stewardship by indulging in unprofessional practices, like financial fraud, because of the perception ‘I am not sure of tomorrow.’

“It is challenging to convince them we can be people of integrity. However, with the right mindset, skills and commitment, we can put our differences aside and renew the foundations of our country. The MAOL program has given me new insights and reflections on what I should do as a Christian to fulfill my calling and make the world a better place.

“It has helped me in this journey by providing biblically-based answers, as well as skills, which are compatible with both the nonprofit and secular job market.”

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