MAOL Uganda Student Cares for the Elderly

I CDAI MAOL Studentare For The Well Being of the Elderly

Deo Kalule cares for the physical and spiritual well being of impoverished elderly, and the children they care for,DAI MOAL Program in his position as Area Manager for Reach One Touch One Ministries in Mukono, Uganda. ROTOM strives to empower older persons and their dependants, through the love of Jesus Christ, to attain a better life, regardless of their faith.

Deo is a DAI Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) student in Uganda, through a partnership with Uganda Christian University. He shares that the program has “taught me how to approach a conflicting situation calmly and solve conflicts with integrity.”  Deo hopes to graduate in 2016.


Organizational Leadership

Encourage a leader like Deo with the gift of leadership training.

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