Multiplying Leaders in Colombia

Leaders in Colombia The Christian Union Sports Club (CUSC) in Medellín, Colombia, evolved out of a neighborhood soccer tournament organized as a way to reach out with the Gospel to young men who were being recruited into the life of violence and crime spawned by the Medellín Drug Cartel.

Over a process of time, the CUSC grew and today has over 35 full-time sports staff and 88 soccer teams, with over 2000 participants from the poorest neighborhoods of the city. With this amazing growth came the need to provide leadership training to equip them with practical business skills while exemplifying servant leadership. Over the past two years DAI has provided a series of leadership workshops in which 40 coaches participated. “These modules really stimulated our guys, improving them as persons and workers,” wrote Dr. Mark Witting, the CUSC Director.

Following the DAI units on “Coping with Change” and “Vision and Mission” the team felt led to expand their outreach ministry to the Muslim and Amazon regions to increase their impact for God’s Kingdom. Soon, DAI will be working with a staff member to equip them with the tools they need to continue to train new coaches and staff. DAI considers it a great honor and privilege to partner with the CUSC to train and modelservant leadership to the young men and women of Medellín, Colombia.

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