The Multiplying Effect of One MAOL Graduate in Nepal

Romi Tandukar, MAOL Graduate, Hopes Others See Jesus in Her

Narayan Khadka, DAI Nepal National Director, says, “The church in Nepal is young but the growth rate is quite high. We believe the young leaders will bring great impact. It has been exciting to see Romi become an influential leader and mentor others.”

Multiplying Effect

Romi graduated from DAI’s Master in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) program in 2013 and is now serving as the Director of Ambassadors Football Nepal and as a part-time teacher at Livingstone Academy in Kathmandu.

She believes there is a deep crisis and a longing for Godly leaders everywhere, be it nation, church, organization, community or home. She explains, “All the crisis drives me to become a good humble servant leader and serve my nation. To live a life as an example and to leave a legacy behind.”

Romi shares, “You can’t just have passion to be a leader, you need the skills to be effective. All the DAI courses have shaped me into a better person, a better leader, a good listener, patient, forgiving, loving and more compassionate to all people groups that I work with.

“The Spiritual Formation course transformed my spiritual life which has positively impacted my relationships with others and influenced how I lead. The Women in Leadership course helped me understand my role as a woman and affirmed my call to reach out to young girls and mentor them. I hope to raise up Godly young women leaders to stand up and lead, as I am trying to lead.”

Raising up Christ-Like Leaders
Romi with Astha at their church in Laltipur, Nepal

Romi mentors three young women, one of which is Astha, a school teacher with 150 students, who was once rebellious and not living her life in a Godly way. They serve together on the worship team and in children’s church. Her hope for Astha is that one day she would lead young women to God and lead the youth at the church.

Astha shares, “In church, and in other areas of Romi’s life, she puts other people first, just like Jesus did. Through her mentoring, I have seen a positive change in myself, I have learned to be more compassionate, more patient.”

"I really hope those I teach and serve see compassion, humility, integrity and love in me so that they would be able to love others with the same compassion that Jesus had.

For me, DAI’s three-year course was an amazing journey,” recounts Romi. “The program has molded me to be a complete leader, not just in a spiritual aspect but also in terms of financial management, handling conflicts, managing people, planning and understanding the role and importance of women in leadership.”


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