Nepal: A Great Success Story

DAI Leadership Consultant

I have traveled to Nepal several times a year, for many years, witnessing the painful political journey of a fragile country.

by J. Abraham, DAI Leadership Consultant South Asia

indigenous youth leadership programLast year, after a grueling and tenuous process and nine years of deliberation, the constitution was finally passed. However, basic amenities like electricity and petrol are not always readily available. Occasionally I hear Nepali’s call their country “a failed state.”
For the work of the Church and the work of DAI, however, Nepal is a great success story. In the past eight years DAI has trained close to 600 young Nepali leaders in Kathmandu and Pokhara. One of the trends we have noticed, as we develop relationships with young leaders, is that they have taken the initiative to drive and arrange ongoing trainings for others like themselves.coaching and mentoring programs

This year, several of these young leaders felt the need to expand the initiative to bring integrity and effectiveness to an exponentially growing and youthful Church in other regions. This group, calling themselves ‘Nepal Emerging Leaders (NEL),” will be under DAI and help with leadership development of young people around the nation. Nepal Emerging Leaders will also be a network of leaders who have already been part of DAI programs. As a team they will also organize ongoing workshops and seminars for those who have graduate from DAI’s programs.

developing leadersOne and a half years ago, after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, this same group of young people, many who had themselves been affected by the earthquake, were instrumental in organizing relief and counseling camps in the Kathmandu valley. The hope is that such a network will continue to help build up the Church and the country through social initiatives.

Such is the success of Nepal.


Invest in younger leaders to help build up the Church in Nepal and around the world.


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