Young Leaders Taking Christ to the Loba People

The Loba People group is a small group of approximately 2600 people, who live in the Mustang province of Nepal. The Mustang province is in far north westerYoung Leaders Loban Nepal on the Tibet border – a three day bus ride from Kathmandu. 

The Loba people are isolated and strongly Tibetan Buddhist. There is no record of Christians in the area until recently. Currently there are 30-40 first generation Christians with no church and no
bible in their language. But two young ladies are working to change this.

Tsering and Pema were brought up in a Christian children’s home far away from their home in Mustang. Tsering now leads a team of four Loba believers, including Pema, who have created their own script for their language and have started translating the Bible into Loba. The two joined DAI Nepal’s Young Leader cohort in hopes of growing spiritually and developing their leadership skills.

They loved the DAI forum and to paraphrase Tsering’s words, “I have just been given the opportunity to lead our small team in a big project. For me it is the first time I have heard, or thought about, how I might lead God’s people with a heart of service and it was greatly beneficial.”

They plan to eventually go back to their people group in Mustang and plant the first church after they finish the whole bible in 2018. 

Encourage leaders like Tsering and Pema with the gift of leadership training.

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