by Rebecca Hauser, Development Officer

The closing of one year and beginning of the next is an opportune time to check our hearts and ask ourselves: “Am I living an integritous life? Do my actions line up with my passions and purpose in life?”

For example, as a Millennial, I may care deeply about social justice and talk passionately about injustices with my peers. However, if none of my actions lined up with my passion for social justice, then I am living a disintegritous life.

DAI’s course on Spiritual Formation takes leaders on a one-year journey through twelve different spiritual disciplines that are designed to help declutter our lives and turn our attention to God speaking and moving in and around us. Through the journey, God is so faithful to reveal where our actions line up with our passions and purposes and where they do not. If this is something you would like to incorporate in the new year, pick up a copy of Celebration of Disciplines by Richard Foster. To follow along with the Spiritual Formation course schedule, use the calendar to the right.


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