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DAI Institute’s Free Online Learning Integrates Faith, Leadership & ManagementOnline Learning


DAI Institute is the result of DAI’s commitment to continually find new and better ways to enable the growth and learning of Christian leaders around the world.  Many leaders are desperately seeking training to help them be more effective but may not have access to local workshops. Often they are unable to take time away from their families, or jobs, to attend the much-needed training. As a result, DAI developed the online learning website to offer leaders an alternative to grow in their leadership.

The goal of the Institute is to make DAI’s practical leadership courses available to all leaders seeking biblically-based leadership and management skills.

Video and Avatar Versions Available

The four courses currently available include: Servant Leadership, Facilitating Learning, Fund-raising for Ministry and Curriculum Design.  The curriculum is available in both a video and avatar version. Research shows learners who have English as a second language prefer the avatar version of the course. This version allows them to read the text, hear it spoken and replay the screen as needed. The video version is more desirable with younger students with good English language skills who prefer to use their tablets/smartphones.

DAI plans to introduce four additional courses by the end of 2017. Eventually, modified versions of all DAI’s Master of Arts and non-formal courses will be available on DAI Institute.

Certificate of Completion for $9.95

A certificate of completion is available to purchase for $9.95 after completing the final exam with a passing grade of 75% or higher. Visit the new online learning site.

About DAI

Online Learning

DAI has grown from the vision of two distinguished professors to more than 70 staff.  This global ministry is making a difference in the lives of over 25,000 key ministry leaders in 70+ nations around the world each year. The organization is celebrating 20 years of ministry in 2016.

DAI is committed to enhancing the integrity and effectiveness of Christian leaders. The organization does this by providing practical leadership training via workshops, online learning and a Master of Arts program. The ministry also provides organizational consulting and mentoring.

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