Pastor Realizes His Role in Accomplishing Social Justice

Pradhan faithfully serves as Pastor for Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Eastern Nepal. Only partway through our workshop series on servant leadership, Pastor Pradhanleadership development made drastic lifestyle changes. He shared, “I have learned so many things in the DAI workshops. The most important learning for me is to be a leader after God’s own heart.”

“Now I understand that my responsibility is for the whole creation of God. I used to do lots of bargaining with small vendors like vegetable shopkeepers, rickshaw pullers and so on. Paying less made me think that I was a successful person. Now, I don’t bargain with them anymore, rather I want to help the marginalized poor, working for low wages, who need my help.”

“I have been applying this learning in my life , as it is very important for me. The workshop has changed my leadership style and ministry so much.”

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