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"If We Don't Do It, Who Will?"

Pastor Cross’ story is truly one of abandoning self, leading through service, and caring for the poor with God’s love. It all started in 2010 when he attended a DAI workshop series in Northeast India.

DAI workshop series“The lesson on God’s heart for the poor changed my perspective on mission,” Pastor Cross shares. “I was deeply challenged and strongly felt a concern for the poor and neglected. I prayed God would use me in the things I had learnt in this workshop. As the topics were still becoming clear in my heart and mind I started sharing and teaching them in the Church. Deep down I was looking forward to really impacting the poor and neglected ones. My friend and I took a guitar and made friends with some rag pickers from the slums and started to get together to sing and laugh, teach them songs and share some snacks.

Some were addicts who poured out their desperation asking for help and prayer for their situation. It was here that my eyes were lifted to see how desperate people longed to be free from bondage and hopelessness. From there on, my ministry journey with the poor and neglected took a new turn. I regularly visit the place where about 15 families of rag pickers stay, have gotten to know them, listened to their stories, shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ, created an awareness of child labor and their rights to go to school and many others."

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Take My Children, They Will Be Safe With You

"One day in June 2012 I was talking with a widow, living in a plastic tent with three children, when she expressed her desire to give away her 13 year old daughter to whoever would take her as a wife.

DAI’s Leadership Workshop
Pastor Cross with the children the mother wanted to give to him, who now live in God's Dream Home for Children.

I asked her why she would do this and  she shared, 'what can I do, I am poor and growing old and there is no future here, Look Pastor, you see these men drinking and taking drugs in this place, I am afraid of what might happen to her.' I tried to explain it was not right to give her away and not good for her daughter. She looked at me and said, 'You take my children and do whatever you want with them.'  I asked why and she replied, 'You seem to be a good man therefore I feel my children will be safe with you.'

Then, thinking deeply about “God’s heart for the poor” I told her we would be very glad to help and assist her to get her children admitted in a school with a hostel facility. We needed to do some fundraising activities to support this need.  At first I was a bit hesitant about the additional fundraising but my perspective on mission had changed through what I learnt at DAI's Leadership Workshop."

God's Dream Homes

DAI’s Servant Leadership
God's Dream Home for Women Under Construction

"I also have a heart to serve the poor and neglected by providing homes for those who have no one to look after them. So I created a home called 'God’s Dream Home' for elderly men.  The DAI teachings on “God’s Dream” played a big role behind this name. We have completed a new home for children and are completing 'God's Dream Home' for destitute women.

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