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Since DAI was founded in 1996, we have been facilitating workshops designed to help leaders grow in their desire to serve others, motivated by God’s love. The approach is interactive learning, in which participants are actively engaged in the learning experience and are encouraged to apply what they are learning to their personal ministry, whatever that might be. DAI offers many of its workshops in a series of sessions, allowing time for the leaders to apply what they’re learning in their day-to-day life, work and ministry.  These workshops are contextualized by local facilitators as they adapt the materials to their context.

Goal of Workshops

The goal of each workshop is to develop the leaders’ effectiveness in managing people, money and their churches or organizations while helping them to grow spiritually.

Workshops Testimonial

I was familiar with servant leadership in theory, but not practically. In the workshop it became practical. If the DAI materials are well used in the churches, schools and in the top leadership, there will be a great change.

Alapayo Kucitiel

MAOL Graduate, Bishop of Rumbek Diocese, South Sudan

Workshops Testimonial

I always thought that a leader was the boss, someone who told everyone else what to do. DAI has taught us something different. A leader is someone who serves, who gives support to people.

Juan Lopez Zumaeta

Workshop Student, Samaria, Peru


I was surprised at how practical the workshop was and how it applied to every single person anywhere as we are all in some leadership somewhere in life.  It re-invigorated me to develop my own gifts and work on my weaknesses and also develop other young leaders.

Liesl Warton

DAI East Africa, Broad Application


This has really impacted my life, I’ve always struggled that I was different from others, and I’ve understand that the way I do leadership is OK, I can walk away saying I’m comfortable with who I am, and my leadership style. Thank you so much, I am truly inspired, motivated and empowered!  A few months of questions answered in 2 days.

Remona van der Byl

DAI Eurasia, Inspired, Motivation and Empowered


There were no long lectures (which I had expected).  It was very helpful to understand the lessons with personal involvement in the learning.  I plan to use these new skills in my youth group programmes.


DAI Nepal, No long lectures

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Why Workshops Work

These interactive workshops typically have 25-30 participants, although sometimes we will run a workshop with fewer people., allowing the leaders to learn from each other and receive mentoring. Rather than ask the leaders to come to a central location, DAI takes the workshops to where people live and work. Each workshop is designed in response to research on the questions leaders in Africa, Asia and Latin America are asking making them consistently relevant. The curriculum is always grounded in Biblical principles and often includes case studies that leaders easily identify with.

Graduates of our workshops are able to then teach DAI material to others, multiplying the learning throughout their networks. Because of this, our curriculum has been translated by local leaders into more than 35 languages, making our workshops more accessible to those who most need it.

Workshops Available

Servant Leadership: Being the Leader God Wants You to Be

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a framework for a leadership approach that is Biblical and adheres to the standards of servant leadership, as demonstrated by Jesus Christ. The desired outcome is greater effectiveness and integrity in the participant's leadership.

The workshop is divided into 10 sessions, which is often run over a series of three day workshops:
1. Introducing Servant Leadership 
2. Understanding Yourself 
3. Power 
4. Developing Others 
5. Building Teams 
6. Motivating Others for Excellence and Service 
7. Leading Change 
8. Mission, Vision and Values 
9. Resolving Conflict 
10. Integrity and Accountability

Facilitating Learning

This workshop is designed to give you the skills and the confidence to use interactive learning methods in your own facilitation of learning. It will give you a framework which will help you explain why interactive methods are so powerful in helping to deliver effective learning for your learners and give you tools that will enable you to design and deliver great training in the future.

The workshop is divided into 11 sessions:

1. An Introduction to “Facilitating Learning” 
2. The Teaching Methods of Jesus 
3. Thinking about your own Learning
4. Factors that Underpin Effective Learning 
5. Facilitating Effective Learning
6. Effective Learning Methods
7. The Learning Environment 
8. Designing and Delivering Great Workshops 
9. Briefing and Preparation for the Practical Exercise 
10. Practical Exercise: Facilitating a Workshop
11. Evaluating the Learning Process

Fund Raising for Ministry

The purpose of this workshop is to give you skills and confidence in raising funds for your ministry. It will give you a Biblical foundation for fund-raising, give you an understanding why donors give and provide you with strategies to increase existing sources of funding and develop new ones.

This workshop is divided into 12 sessions: 

1. Introduction to the Workshop 
2. Building a Biblical Foundation 
3. The Changing Pattern of Funding of Ministry 
4. New Approaches to Funding 
5. Where can I get support from? 
6. Why People Give? 
7. Why People Give: Communicating Vision and Need 
8. Why People Give: Character and Track Record 
9. Why People Give: Communicating your "Case for Support" 
10. Delivering your "Case for Support" 
11. Reviewing your “Case for Support” 
12. Using your “Case for Support”

Women And Men Serving Together

The purpose of this Workshop is to invite leaders to go deeper into understanding God’s desire for men and women to be good stewards of their leadership gifts. Through exploring scripture, the Workshop will encourage us to work with God in freeing women and men to serve together in extending God’s Kingdom.

This workshop is divided into 8 sessions: 

1. Introduction
2. God’s Perfect Plan: Relating And Working Together
3. God’s Perfect Plan For Us To Rule His Garden
4. Tragedy And Redemption
5. Exegesis, Hermeneutics And Paul
6. Women And Men In Marriage: Examining Biblical And Cultural Models Of Marriage
7. Women And Men Leading Churches & Organizations
8. Exploring Next Steps

The Ministry of Mentoring

The purpose of this Workshop is to enable participants to develop the essential competencies and characteristics of an effective Christ-like mentor.

The workshop is divided into 7 sessions:

  1. Defining what we mean by mentoring
  2. Identifying various different mentoring roles
  3. Establishing the Biblical foundations of mentoring
  4. Understanding the purpose and value of story-telling in mentoring
  5. Examining how we hold one another accountable in a mentoring relationship
  6. Developing our listening skills
  7. Putting our learning together and formulating a Personal Commitments Plan for mentoring in our own churches, organizations and ministries
Strategic Management

The purpose of this Workshop is to equip participants with an understanding of the critical importance of good strategy to the long term health of organisations and how scriptural authority / biblical wisdom, prayerful discernment of God’s will, modern best practise and the use of our own gifts can be used to this end.

The workshop is divided into 7 sessions:

  1. Strategy in our Christian Context
  2. Discerning our role in God’s Strategic Plan
  3. Wise and Godly Strategists
  4. Discerning God’s Purpose for our Ministries
  5. Seeing God’s Purposes in the Past, the Present and the Future
  6. Moving in the direction God intends…
  7. Managing the Journey to God’s intended Future

Additional Topics for Presentation

Below are topics that DAI offers in the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program, or that individuals in some areas have developed for use in their context. We are continually capturing this content, revising it, editing it and then republishing it for maximum effectiveness in an interactive workshop setting.

Growing Marriage

Explore the foundations of Christian marriage. It also addresses: communication and conflict, boundaries, finances, decision making, relationships with the extended family, the effects of culture on marriage and more.

Conflict Management and Resolution

Analyze the nature of conflict and how it develops in individuals, relationships, and within an organization, and explore the skills and group dynamics necessary to build common ground both in individual and group conflict situations.

Integrity and Finance

Develop scriptural principles of integrity and financial stewardship that can be applied within both personal and organizational financial contexts.

Community Development, Justice and Social Change

A biblical rationale for engagement in efforts to alleviate suffering and move towards transformation. It addresses issues such as poverty and injustice and God’s concern for a hurting world, including ecological destruction. 

Culture, Ethnicity and Diversity

Develop an understanding of the multicultural and global environments and offers ways to build understanding and cooperation across these boundaries.


Develop a comprehensive biblical perspective on partnerships and the strategic role they can play in helping organizations and ministries become more effective.

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