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At the end of October, 16 couples and a few individuals gathered together at the Lweze Training and Conference Centre near Kampala starting the first of three workshops.  This is an opportunity to strengthen and grow their marriages and to learn how to facilitate Growing Marriage workshops.

All those who attended have a passion to see marriages and families strengthened in Uganda and the region.  Many are actively involved in counseling couples, running marriage workshops, offering training about marriage and supporting couples and families in their communities.

What Participants said ...

"This is what I needed the first day I got married."

"I have always known my needs but never got time to guide my spouse on the bare minimum actions to take to meet them.  This made it practical, achievable and exciting. "

"I don’t know much about myself – it was a time of self-discovery."

"It was intense and yet fun, engaging and practical.  I was surprised to feel renewed as opposed to fatigued."


Growing Marriage is a series of 6 courses aimed at growing and strengthening the marriage relationships of leaders.

Strong marriages make strong families which make a stronger church equipped to significantly impact our communities.

The Growing Marriage courses go deep and provide you with a framework for personal growth and growth as a couple providing you with an opportunity to take your relationship to a deeper level of intimacy and connection.

The goal of Growing Marriage is twofold:

  1. To grow and strengthen your marriage.
  2. To equip you to help the couples in your community to grow and strengthen their marriages.


The courses are built on an adult-learning model, which is highly interactive and relies on discussion, case studies, individual, group and couple exercises and homework. The workshops are limited to 15 couples per event to facilitate the effectiveness of discussion and the building of community and connection.

The workshop is presented in two different formats:

  1. Intensive workshops: One or two courses are offered over a period of 2 to 4 days. Couples are invited to return later to complete further courses.
  2. Weekly workshops: Couples meet for 2 to 3 hours weekly for between 8 and 10 weeks.



“I’m aware of the presence of sacred places that I don’t want to go there. You have challenged me to go there and address what needs to be addressed.  It challenges me to challenge the culture and norms that have limited the way we view marriage.”



“Every course has made a difference to us.  When the DAI director came to us and said, Uncle and Aunty would you attend Growing Marriage, we thought, what is a couple married for 40 years going to learn?  We wish we had learnt this a long time ago; we can never stop learning.  Now we have a burden to share this with others especially the young couples.”



“You continue to surpass the highest standards of excellence for non-formal education on this topic.  To call the content ‘sound’ or ‘biblical’ or ‘practical’ without qualifying it as superlatively so in each of those ways would be a disservice to its excellence… thank you for the profound way in which you are ministering to my soul and to my marriage through these workshops.”  

Our Authors

Hani and Tertia Morcos are the authors of Growing Marriage.  Hani was a senior consultant with DAI facilitating many of DAI’s formal and non-formal courses in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Tertia has worked with DAI as a senior consultant since 2014.  Hani is from Egypt and Tertia is from South Africa and they have spent most of their years in ministry in Egypt where they ran marriage seminars for engaged and newly married couples.  Hani and Tertia live in California where they practice as Marriage & Family therapists.  They have four adult children.



Hani & Tertia headshots


To serve the needs of diaspora and indigenous pastors and leaders we offer a variety of training opportunities.

This course is the foundation for Growing Marriage and participants must complete it in order to continue through the following courses.

For many, marriage brings with it the hope of fulfillment.  But, often unspoken, unconscious expectations aren’t met and disappointment sets in. Discover your deepest needs and the guarantee for their fulfillment. 

The foundations of marriage are built on key attitudes and behaviours reflected in the Bible.  Covering the essentials of the marriage relationship such as covenant, friendship, priority, trust and forgiveness, you have the opportunity to work these into growing a healthy and long-lasting marriage.  

Awareness of the attitudes and beliefs that drive communication in your marriage often come from the beliefs, styles and habits learnt from family and culture. Using Biblical principles, identify problematic communication styles and learn skills and attitudes to enhance emotional connection.

Come to understand the importance of both asserting and respecting personal boundaries in your marriage relationship as a means of protecting the relationship. Identifying your personal responsibilities empowers you to bring about change in an atmosphere of freedom and mutual respect.

Deepen your understanding of sex in marriage through a holistic view which involves body, emotions, mind and spirit. Through guided discussion with your spouse, achieve deeper mutual understanding and explore ways to take your sexual relationship to a new level.

The protection of your marriage includes recognizing Satan’s tactics to undermine your relationship. With a focus on the epidemic of infidelity, take proactive steps to identify potential threats and protect your marriage.


There are a growing number of locations where Growing Marriage is offered.  If you would like to attend, please contact Tertia Morcos by email ( or contact the regional/country representative listed below: 

         Philippines: Voltaire Pablo, 

         Nigeria: Abraham Gaga,

         Cameroon (French): Benvictor Dibankap,  

         Uganda: Jairus Mutebe,

         North America/Southern California: Tertia Morcos,


Upcoming Events

Uganda Training of Trainer's - April 2020

Christian leaders who wish to grow and strengthen their marriages and learn how to help other couples have the opportunity to join this workshop.

Prerequisite: Completion of courses 1 & 2 and Facilitator's Project 1.

Courses 3 & 4

Facilitator's Training

Please contact Jairus Mutebe at

*Facilitator’s Training: You can be trained to facilitate this workshop in your community. Additional training is offered for this purpose and you will be required to complete two facilitator projects.

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