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I Rebuild Families and Their Homesservant leader nepal

Abhay is a graduate of DAI’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) program.  He says the program “helped me to think strategically and be future-oriented, while the Leadership course helped me to find myself as a leader in Christ and follow His example.” As Operations Manager, Abhay has used his servant leadership training to effectively lead his team through a very trying time.

After the April 2015 earthquake rocked Nepal, Abhay quickly mobilized his team to rebuild houses for rural villagers and share the gospel. Here is a report he shared in July.

rebuilding a home mission himalaya

“Our team distributed CGI sheets to two villages of Bhalaak and Deorali. The team helped villagers to salvage old CGI sheets and mission himalaya team w.newly built sheltertimber from the ruins of their previous houses and provided two CGI sheet bundles to twenty six families of the village Aunthali. Besides distributing CGI sheets, our team built eighteen houses mostly for the aged people and widows in two villages. They also repaired a school in Ghungu and provided CGI sheets for a school in Deorali.

The support made the villagers Mission Himalayavery happy. Suk Bahadur Baram, a pastor from Ghungu, expressed his feelings of gratitude on behalf of the villagers when he shared, ‘Villagers are thankful from the bottom of their hearts for building their houses.’  Maan Bahadur Baramu, a pastor from Deorali, said the team’s support has brought a happiness to the village. Villagers are tilling fields and building houses at the same time. We are thankful to our precious partners for enabling us to reach out to the hurting brothers and sisters of Nepal.”

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